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**Refund and Cancellation Policy**


Effective Date: 01-01-2024


Thank you for choosing ProWebHill Private Limited for your web services needs. We strive to provide top-quality services and ensure your satisfaction. This Refund and Cancellation Policy outlines the terms and conditions under which refunds and cancellations can be requested.


**1. Project Start and 24-Hour Cancellation/Refund Policy:**


– Upon initiation of a project with ProWebHill Private Limited, clients have a 24-hour window to request a cancellation and refund from the project start date.

– If a cancellation request is made within this timeframe, ProWebHill Private Limited will provide a full refund of any payments made by the client.


**2. Refund and Cancellation Policy Beyond 24 Hours:**


– After the initial 24-hour period from the project start date, cancellation requests will not be entertained for refunds.

– ProWebHill Private Limited reserves the right to review and consider exceptional cases on a discretionary basis.


**3. Unused Services:**


– In the event that services have not commenced or have been only partially utilized, clients may request a refund for the unused portion of the services.

– Refunds for unused services will be prorated based on the extent of service utilization.


**4. Refund Processing Time:**


– Refunds will be processed within 3 business days from the date of the cancellation request.

– Processing times may vary depending on the payment method and financial institutions involved.


**5. Changes to Projects:**


– Clients may request changes or modifications to projects within a reasonable scope of work.

– Any additional charges resulting from project changes will be communicated to the client for approval.


**Contact Information:**


For inquiries regarding our Refund and Cancellation Policy or to request a cancellation, please contact us at +91 8777692135 [10am-7pm IST].


**Policy Updates:**


ProWebHill Private Limited reserves the right to update or modify this Refund and Cancellation Policy at any time without prior notice. Clients are encouraged to review this policy periodically for any changes.


By engaging with ProWebHill Private Limited’s services, clients acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this Refund and Cancellation Policy.


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