Digital Marketing Executive

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Job Description

  • Responsible for maintaining the organisation’s online presence by working on various marketing campaigns, researching and strategising with other professionals, and creating successful content for campaigns.  

Key Role

  • Planning and executing all digital marketing such as marketing database, SEO/SEM, social media, display advertising campaign, and email.
  • Plan, implement and maintain all the social media presence
  • Evaluate and report the performance of all the marketing campaigns 
  • Identify insights and trends and optimise performance based on the trends. 
  • Creative growth strategies and Brainstorm
  • Participate with the internal team to optimise the user experience and create a landing page
  • Collaborate with vendor partners and agencies
  • Utilise strong analytical skills to evaluate customer touchpoints and end-to-end customer experiences
  • Determine Emerging technology and provide perspective and leadership thought whenever required.  

Mandatory Skills

  • BS or MS degree in digital marketing or related field. 
  • Proven work experience in digital marketing
  • Experience in managing and leading SEO/SEM, social media, marketing database, or display advertising campaigns
  • Experience in optimising user funnels and landing page
  • Proper knowledge of website analytics tools such as Netlnsight, Analytics, WebTrends, and Omniture. 
  • Experience with serving agencies such as DART, Atlas, and others. 
  • Data-driven thinking and strong analytical skills. 

Desired Skills (Not Mandatory)

  • Skills in Website Auditing
  • Skills in organic and inorganic SMO


Our office is in Kolkata

How To Apply

Apply  for Sr. Digital Marketer [With atleast 6+ Years Experience] Click here

Apply  for Jr. Digital Marketer [With atleast 1-5 Years Experience] Click here

Apply  for Intern. Digital Marketer [With 3-6 Months Paid/Unpaid]Click here

Apply  for Trainee. Digital Marketer [With 0 Experience] Click here

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