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Online Reputation Management Company in Kolkata

Online Reputation Management forms the core principle of Brand building and Customer Relationships. Online marketing is the basic principle of modern business. A reactive form of management involves finding and responding to damaging content. Feedback and monitoring of customer engagement help manage reputation.Any attempt to harm the brand name may get prevention with a strategy for damage control with ORM.

Importance of Reputation Management

It is the most important part of Brand loyalty. ORM helps in decreasing negativity and keeping the presence of a brand positive.Public relations form external relations through advertising and media efforts. Online Reputation management is more prompt and maintains transparency.

  • Management of Reputation with Paid media
  • Reputation management with Earned media
  • ORM with Shared media
  • ORM with Owned media

Working Strategy of  ORM

To ensure business representation is proper and potential customers show engaged page views. The following strategies are time tested:

Dealing with negativity face to face: 

Even negative customer reviews, when answered with patience, they feel needed. The negative feedback featured in the review section with determined responses portrays responsibility. Addressing negative comments itself may help diffuse maligning of the brand name.

Empathetic answers to Clients or users, without time loss:

Clients or users engage better and might develop trust if they respond. Immediate responses show the customers that they are valuable. It prevents users from posting negative feedback.

Search Engine ranking efforts:

SEO helps in minimising the visibility of negative remarks. Content associated with the brand may receive negative comments as well. Incognito window mode for brand search results is in practice. It is a way to minimise the effort of other companies who might get the keyword. Another way is to encourage happy customers to submit their good reviews. 

Owning up to Mistakes:

If a mistake does occur, a company should show remorse and accept mistakes. Owning mistakes shows the company is transparent and honest. It helps in releasing tense customer situations and strengthens the relationship with customers.

ORM Automation:

Google Alert is an alerting tool for receiving notifications. Reviews and comments on a site may be set as an alert. Tools such as Brand24 do a sentimental analysis besides crawling stories.

Defamation of brands

The principal SERP page can hold a limited number of outcomes.

Promotion of Positive Facts

We share positivity about the company.

Regulate Criticism

The reputation handlers could broad site tasks.


They take decisions on the status of an organization.

Be Careful

They are taking part in items that impact an online media.

Reduce Negativity

We provide information on online reputation management to different companies.

Daily Reporting

We have interest in stages of social media.

Regulate Reputation Online

We can check the online reputation management tools.

Increase Visitors

Our team can get complete guidance on online reputation management software.


There is online name management. The business combats negative claims by addressing them in a direct way.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online name management is to deal with negative or false comments. We deal with social media effectively. Our ORM works by replying to negative client comments.

How to maintain transparency in ORM?

ORM is necessary for maintaining transparency. We improve brand name loyalty. We assist in the musical group campaigns of public relations. We help the shoppers find organic interactions with corporations. We offer personal conversations including immediate messages. We help in adding comments on Instagram.

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