Best Social Media Marketing Company in Kolkata

Social Media Marketing shares information on a company’s products and its website. Marketing designs connect with social networks and promote traffic. Social media visibility creates brand awareness and encourages relationships with customers. Social Media is growing, and it has become easier for businesses to reach out to customers. Content, if engaging, helps get the target audience for perfect strategies for marketing advantages.

 Social media Marketing Strategy

Establish Connections:

Businesses connect with customers through engaging social media content. Connection establishment with customers has become more accessible.

 Increase Brand awareness:

Social media often help in directing traffic to the site. Brand awareness increases by engaging in social media content. Social engagement includes comments, likes, shares, reposts, and saves.

Lead Generation and Boost conversions:

Product image sharing on Social Media is a method of lead generation. Include links to websites and offers, and host link videos. Contest creation and product selling through the shop section of social sites generate leads.

 Competitors help in learning more:

A part of social media tactics is to keep tabs on competitors as part of social media tactic. Better campaigns can promote a brand message with digital aids.

 Proper scheduling:

Social media post creation and proper scheduling in different social media platforms result in the best marketing strategy. A social media content calendar list with updated date and time for posts are helpful.

Research on buyer persona and the audience of the sites to be performed:

The knowledge of the needs of buyers and the audience helps to target them. Engaged users may be encouraged with engaging content.

The Social Marketing  Demographic Market  :

The demographics determine which type of users access the platform—the platform’s audience and popular content on the platform help market products.

Social media Marketing Competitive Analysis:

The social sites the competitors are dominant in should be studied to understand their marketing strategies. Social Media Listening may help in monitoring competitors.

 Most important metrics and KPIs establishing:

Social media metrics that dig into data and directly manage goals matter:

  • Reach
  • Click
  • Engagement
  • Hashtag performance
  • Organic and paid likes
  • Sentiment
  • Unique, Engaging and Creative Content
  • Unique, engaging, and creative content attracts more audiences.
  • Scheduling Post.

We at ProWebHill help you create exciting social media content. Our contents will give you a dominant digital presence.

Creation of Content

They can deal with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. The group improves social media presence.

Facebook Page Management

They create leads in a system. The team presents Content Creation on Facebook.

Management of Twitter Account

There are 70% and more people who are active on Twitter.

Management of Linkedin Profile

We find the popularity of the brands in social media. This is present in the Linkedin profile.

Marketing of Instagram

An agency for social media marketing must promote the brand. We enhance visibility.

Marketing in Pinterest

The service of social media is result-oriented. We share marketing benefits on Pinterest.

PPC in Social Media

It gives priority to creating excellent leads. We build awareness of the brand.

Management of Community

The expert presents the solution of Community Management.

Agency in Social Media Marketing – Partnership with us

There is the creation of boosted posts. The allotment of the budget is for advertising on the present post.



The team has a team of writers.


They are marketers who can create authentic campaigns for a business.


Social media marketing growth is essential for business promotion.


We present social media branding. Our experts can provide service at an affordable rate.

The Presentation of Company for Social Media Marketing

The team offers services in the management of social media. We offer a good presence on social media.


The team presents reports every month. The user can get an intimate insight into the effectiveness of campaigns. We offer news for social media marketing.

How does the social media marketing expert work?

The team presents reports every month. The user can get an intimate insight into the effectiveness of campaigns. We can provide important social media marketing news. The reports have information on the leads. There is traffic on the website.

Is there any impression among followers?

We know the impression with followers. We have an idea about vital standards.

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