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Job Description

  • Ensure technical feasibility and lead the planning of the project. 
  • Ensure resource allocation and ability. 
  • Manage relationships between stakeholders and clients. 
  • Track and monitor the project progress. 
  • Measure project performance with project management tools.
  • Reduce project risk with risk management analysis. 
  • Design and maintain comprehensive project documentation. 
  • Escalate and report to the upper management. 

Mandatory Skills

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, Business Management, or other related fields. 
  • Relevant experience in project management. 
  • Must have a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. 
  • Solid knowledge of risk management processes and business cases. 
  • Ability to control and monitor project budgets. 
  • Proven team-management and self-management skills. 
  • Must have excellent communication and social skills. 

Preferred Skills

  • Strong understanding of project management and data analysis
  • Proficiency in computer technology and Microsoft office application
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Exceptional research and reporting skills
  • Working knowledge of applicable laws and standards in the industry
  • Excellent collaborative skills and ability to maintain positive work relationships
  • Excellent with managing finances and optimizing the budget given
  • Ability to stay up to date with market trends, movement, and innovations
  • Top-notch communication skills for presenting new ideas and strategies that can improve current planning processes
  • Ability to stay up to date with market trends, movement, and innovations
  • Excellent oral and written skills
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills

How To Apply

Apply  for Sr. Project Manager [With atleast 6+ Years Experience] Click here

Apply  for Jr. Project Manager [With atleast 1-5 Years Experience] Click here

Apply  for Intern. Project Manager [With 3-6 Months Paid/Unpaid] Click here 

Apply  for Trainee. Project Manager [With 0 Experience] Click here

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